"i know i’m asking a lot, but the price of freedom is high, it always has been, and it’s a price i’m willing to pay. if i’m the only one, then so be it.. but i’m willing to bet i’m not."

The photoshop army challenge
 ↳- Rainbow + Hermione Granger

sometimes you’ve got to take the hardest line


endless list of favourite characters: donna noble

"It’s not like we could drive across country and find Enid Blyton having tea with Noddy. Could we? Noddy’s not real. Is he? Tell me there’s no Noddy."

the Laureus Awards (2014)

"Coward," said Hermione, though she looked amused. "Well, it was a bad night for romance all around. Ginny and Dean split up, too, Harry."
Harry thought there was a rather knowing look in her eye as she told him that, but she could not possibly know that his insides were suddenly dancing the conga.  


i swear to god I’m such a low maintenance friend like you could have not spoken to me for months and ill still be like yEAH FRIEND HI 


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 1/5 favorite movies » Harry Potter Series

You care so much you feel as though you will  b l e e d  to death with the pain of it.”

[37/100] → scarlett johansson

Do I not also have your love?

You have my love, Father.


#sherlock you’re my friend and I love you but you are a great big bag of dicks

Karen Gillan Leaving ITV Studios 24 July

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